We are an English language learning space located in the municipality of Sant Vicenç dels Horts. Currently the team is made up of 10 teachers from different countries with a common goal: educational innovation in the teaching of English.

We firmly believe that motivation plays an essential role in learning and that students must have an active participation in this process.

Our methodology is based on Project-Based Learning (PBL), that is, cooperative and team work, where the students themselves are managers of their projects, decided democratically in class. They have different positions within the group that facilitate their management and viability.

The teaching staff is in charge of leading and designing the educational route from the beginning to the final product, with a presentation of the project in front of an audience (normally families)

During the course we use English as the only vehicular language and the work of social skills is one of our basic pillars. We train our students to speak in public, to make decisions as a team, to reach agreements, to debate... to become future active citizens committed to their environment.

Technology also plays a key role and it is common to use Chromebooks, digital whiteboards and other devices during classes. They are great allies for us!