Play and movement are the bases of learning in these ages. Classes are filled with music, songs and storytelling to provide meaningful and real content for children.

The boys and girls learn to develop a project as a team. The activities are always dynamic, they serve the game room to learn concepts proper to the students through games: colours, actions, animals… They are easily assimilated by playing and interacting with both companies and companies.

We do projects of all kinds and at the end of the final product the students do little presentations explaining what they have learned and what route they have followed to achieve the contents. We made recordings, photographs and small collections that we shared during the process with families.

The teachers promote the active participation of all the members of the group in favour of inclusion, co-education and cooperation in the classroom.

They are beginning to show interest in reading and writing and we take the opportunity to work with letters and small words related to their group projects. We also work on phonics through songs that pick up the main sounds of English phonetics and that will help them to be orally competent in the future.