On top of our Project Based Learning methods, we also provide higher level classes for older students with a focus on obtaining EOI official B1, B2 and C1 certificates as free candidates. By first building our students’ confidence in everyday English use through the PBL process, we hope to create a smooth transition into the exams as students get older and want to use their English to gain further education and career opportunities.

With the teacher's close advice, we allow students to choose what certificate they would like to take, and provide an achievable action plan to get them there by the end of the course. This is something we do without any collaborations or monetary incentives from examination bodies.  When a teacher feels that a student has reached a certain level, they provide the advice and guidance to make their inscription for public convocatories that they will need to take the exam. Students can choose from which school they would like to take the exam, based on where they are and what is most convenient to them.

At Riding we put a lot of investment into speaking activities, and believe that developing fluency in speaking is the ultimate objective. This, with the support of grammar activities, reading support and accent and pronunciation development creates a supportive and motivated environment that allows each student to flourish in their own way. We count on our students to invest their own time at home to complete the activities set by their teacher on the Google Classroom, allowing for increased practice in writing, reading and listening activities.