Primary school students begin to show competence at an oral level and already have enough vocabulary to express themselves in class, using English with teachers and classmates. Our main goal is to get students used to speaking in public, working in a team and individually without any nerves or embarrassment using their spoken English. We encourage them to make their own decisions about how they’ll do their project and what it’ll consist of, in a way that puts them in the driving seat of their English development.

We want them to become active and invested citizens, capable of living together in an inclusive environment where everyone contributes and adds to the class. Respect and democratic values permeate our routine. Our students tend to think critically, express proposals and negotiate with the rest of the class in a fair manner, with no student left behind.

Project Work (PBL) represents a fantastic opportunity to learn English while also learning to be competent in other areas such as science, maths, art, music and many others. It puts real life application to student’s learning of English, allowing them to see the true benefit of learning another language from a young age.